diy coastal farmhouse

Coastal Farmhouse DIY Wall Hanging in Less than 10 Minutes!

starfish and sand dollar wall art

It’s Super Bowl weekend and that just isn’t your thing and you need something to do besides watch Super Bowl commercials; that is the best part, right?  Well, I’ve got a coastal farmhouse DIY right here and it will only take about 10 minutes to complete.  What you do with the rest of the Super Bowl viewing time is up to you.  I would however,recommend watching half time, because Justin Timberlake.

Ok, here’s what you’ll need:

materials needed for DIY coastal plank

1 – piece of wood cut to the size of your liking. I used a piece of fence board and cut it to about 14 ½”.

2 – starfish about 4-5”. I get mine here.

1 – Sand dollar about 2-3″. Get some here or here.

1- piece of twine cut to your preferred length for hanging the plank.  You’ll want to double the size if you want to attach it to the plank like I did below.

E6000 glue


measuring tape



fine grit sand paper

Once you have all the materials you’ll need, measure where you want to drill the holes for the twine.  I went in from each edge about 1 ½”. Mark the spot and drill away.


coastal farmhouse diy

Take the fine grit sand paper and sand over the holes to remove any loose splinters.

sand loose splinters

Grab the twine that you’ve pre-cut and fold it in half so there are two loose ends at one end and a loop at the other.  Take the loop end and push it through the back of one hole so that it comes out the front and then take the two cut ends and pull them through the loop so that you have a slipknot on this side.

coastal farmhouse diy

Take the two loose ends and push them through the back of the hole on the other side and tie it in a knot.  You could do this with knots on both sides -your plank, your call.

coastal farmhouse diy

Now the fun part.  Place your starfish and sand dollar on the plank to decide where you want them and start gluing them on.  Once you have them glued on let them cure for 30-60 minutes so they don’t slide off when you hang your new coastal farmhouse plank.

coastal farmhouse diy



coastal farmhouse diy

Rather watch the Super Bowl and have someone do this for you instead?  I’ve got you covered. Head on over here to have one made and delivered right to your front door!

Happy Making!



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